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We got him!!!!!! Derek Chauvin has been convicted on all the Murder charges lodged against him for killing George Floyd. Devils in blue suits all over the country are now on notice but they're still not convinced. They still think they can get away with murdering Black people. They killed a 15 year old Black Girl in Ohio right the verdict was delivered and killed a 40 year old man in NC this yesterday morning. The upsurge in police killing Black people in 2021 is as political as it is racial. What we don't talk about with policing is the mindset of those who take that job. They grow up in the same country, go to the same schools, eat the same foods and yet are treated completely different from people who don't work that job. While young Blacks are allowed to be killed it is their young white counterparts who are allowed to kill them. So how are young whites recruited to be killers of Black people? Well, young whites raised in racist segregated America also get a talk from their parents. They are instructed they have rights that can not be taken from them. They grow up in households of generational racism and Black people dominance. Us versus them becomes their ingrained mindset. They are taught to be proud of the historical reality of their forefathers who were slave makers of Black people with no apology. They are taught to take pride in the fact that their white ancestors were able to kill, beat, and maim Black people with impunity. They are taught they are a part of the dominant ruling society and regardless of their rich or poor status are still better then even the richest or most powerful Black in the country. We saw proof of this when Obama was President. He was forced to apologize to a lowly beat cop whose white skin elevated his status over the first Black president of these Red and Blue disunited states of America. The red republican gang forced the media to label Obama the Blue democrat with being anti police. They forced him to publicly apologize to the James Crawley cop on the white house lawn at what was called a Beer summit. Real talk the republican GOP used the lowly crooked Cambridge Mass. police department that had wrongly arrested Henry Louis Gates at his own house to arrest Obamas presidency. Whites understood this and formed their shadow government at this time celebrating it with the founding of the American tea party. This tea party was described by the media as an Economic force in opposition to Obama but their many signs with pics of Obama as a savage with a bone through his nose allowed our eyes to see the truth. The tea party was the GOP racial backlash party to a Blackman assuming the presidency. The white house use to be the place where only white people lived and dominated Black people from. The GOP leader Mitch McConnel, media and the racist tea party insured Obama the Blackman would never dominate white people from that white house. Trump his birthers, the GOP and media kept Obama under attack. Charged with being a fraud or an impersonator to the throne of the American presidency Obama was forced to show his birth certificate to the whole country. This was his bow of obedience to trickster Trump.. Obama was able to serve two terms but Trump who attacked him became the next American president. What Trump was able to do was unite the red and blue state whites under the red hats. He reunited the old KKK clan and mainstreamed it under the political banner of the GOP. His cabinet included known white supremacists and he gave the police the green light as America did in her not so distant past to kill black people. Trump trampled all over the constitution because it allowed Obama to become President. In this writers opinion Trump ruled America using the 14 words and the 88 precepts .

88 Precepts is a document written by David Lane, a member of the neo-Nazi terrorist organization The Order. Written while Lane was serving a 190-year prison sentence, "88 Precepts" is a treatise on natural law, religious philosophy, race, and politics — elementary maxims expounding Lane's philosophy behind the "Fourteen Words" slogan. Lane was heavily critical of democracy, multiculturalism, and racial integration, and sought to establish "exclusively White territorial imperatives" in North America and Europe. "88 Precepts" is one of several key texts, printed and distributed through 14 Word Press, including the "White Genocide Manifesto" (which contains 14 key points).

Lane claimed that 14-88 was an integral part of coding in his "Pyramid Prophecy" (which taught the belief that Lane was the "666 Sun Man" and America was the "Beast") and fundamental to his neo-pagan religion Wotanism (with "88 Lines and 14 Words" being a supplement to 88 Precepts). 1488 is a combination of 14 as in Lane's Fourteen Words and 88 as a reference to his 88 Precepts.

Fourteen Words, 14, or 14/88, is a reference to two 14-word slogans set forth and popularized through 14 Word Press — "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children", followed by secondary (and less commonly used) slogan: "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."

Lane also used the phrasing in other writings, including the "14 points" in his "white genocide" manifesto, and further in his 88 Precepts essay, stressing his support for racial and ethnic religions, opposition to multiracialism and miscegenation, and support for racial separatism. the Fourteen Words are prominently used by neo-Nazis, white power skinheads and certain white nationalists and the alt-right.

Lane considered loyalty to the United States to be "race treason" and upheld a secondary slogan entitled "Our Race Is Our Nation" ("ORION") viewing the United States as committing genocide against white people

Being bitterly opposed to the continued existence of the United States as a political entity, and labelling it the "murderer of the White race", Lane further advocated domestic terrorism as a tool to carve out a "white homeland" in the Northern Mountain States. To that end, Lane issued a declaration called "Moral Authority" shared through the publications of Aryan Nations, World Church of the Creator and other white separatist groups, referring to the United States as a "Red, White and Blue traveling mass murder machine", while asserting "true moral authority belongs to those who resist genocide

Police and many whites worshipped Trump who named his spacecraft "ORION". Police unions and media all over the country supported killer police and the brutal beating of people who protested their murderous acts. To be a young white boy with this 2nd amendment right to bear arms united with white supremacists thoughts of dominance over Blacks to become a cop is an opportunity to hunt humans like others hunt deer. Trump nationalized the killer clan who back in the days were instructed to become law enforcement , judges, and other positions of power to honor the traditions of their forefathers. Trump sent his red hats followers to the peoples house in an attempted Coup d'état on January 6, 2021. He refused to recognize the Democratic Blue teams victory in the 2020 presidential election. In his attempt to kill the Democratic Blue teams minority leader Nancy Pelosi and his own vice president Mike Pence he only was successful in killing police. There was no peaceful transfer of power and still there has been no real accountability for the Trump storming of the capital. That's because police are pawns used by Trump and white supremacist government officials to eliminate Black people as a threat to white power. They all come together for the common cause of white power in the name of Donald Trump, not the constitution. They refuse to be the generation that loses the right to legally beat and kill Black people.

However despite Trumps green light license to kill Black people ex cop Derek Chauvin's murder of George Floyd on National and international TV has resulted in his imprisonment. On 4/20/21 History was made and we got him Chauvin but he got George and so there was no fair exchange. Like Dylan Roof and other murderers of Black people who subscribe to the 1488 ideology Chauvin will be protected by the ab and other white prison gangs. Black officers will be forbidden to guard him as was the case when he was first arrested. So the struggle continues........but at least now Derek Orange is the new Chauvin Blue

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