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Our beautiful Nation was born when Allah’s Divine equality constructively elevated minds Black men embracing righteousness were rewarded with God consciousness and the unification of our people. Here we are again collectively completing another 12 month cycle completing the mathematics of 2022. As we complete one cipher we add on to the next and that’s just what we are going to do. From Just Allah Now to Divine Equality Cee we go from and through knowledge to knowledge wisdom. We go through a 365 day cycle and we must always seek to better understand equality and inequality’s power and refinement by what we experience in a particular cycle of time. For us as a Nation born by God we have seen too many Black Gods die like men and fall like one of the princes. We have lost daughters, sisters, Earths, and companions who started out with us on the one but are no longer physically with us on the 12 of the 2022 cycle.

On the other side there is new life populating our Nation that arrived to the planet on that same 1-12 cycle of 2022. For that we are truly grateful. Allah educated us to see beyond our physical bodies so we could trace and connect ourselves back to our origin in this world. We discovered we are the Original Man who Fathered civilization into existence. We learned we are the root of civilization and that is the gift we gave to the inhabitants of this world. Our reward was and is our God consciousness, that self realization that Allah is our family name from time immemorial. We are the Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm Head also known as the Original Blackman God the master Allah now in the flesh of our being. We are the one God manifested in the flesh of many bodies that exist everywhere as the foundation to the unity of life and created beings. Our beautiful Nation was born when Allah’s divine equality constructively elevated minds Black men embracing righteousness were rewarded with God consciousness and the unification of our people.

The moment we individually transformed from the state of triple darkness into the light of this physical world we are born alive. This is our shared journey as a forever people unified from the time of the beginning that never began. With no beginning or ending and no birth record we were, we are, and will always be immutable. However, on this plane of existence there is a constant in the universe even we cannot avoid. We see it materialize and understand that time has constantly produced change. In the year 9000 drastic change occurred when the reality of a grafted man unalike us in nature was made in our image. Needless to say he is the evil that lives named the Caucasian white man who is the grafted devil in the flesh of his being. Wicked by nature his only goal is to be the opposition to Gods rule over his Black planet.

From the year 2000 BC when Musa had a hard time to 2022 AD we are still having a hard time with him and his family. He is not part of our forever people and is in overtime of a 6000 year time period of limited ruler ship over our planet. He has many uncivilized nation states that constantly wage war, terror, and promote bloodshed for money, power, and control over our people. They have learned that both Black people and our home continent are the root of this planets natural resources needed to sustain life and living.

Our journey from our homeland to the land we now call home bears witness to how powerful Black people truly are. Black people changed what used to be the poor part of the planet to the most powerful part under the whips and chains of chattel slavery. We are the builders who consciously constructed people activities that moved population expansion from the Nile River Valley to the wilderness of North America. We are largely responsible for the growth and development of the ancient world to the modern world. Our giving whites the blueprint on how to build a home for himself allowed him to venture outside of his cave. In their after birth white people were cavemen who feared the sun, rain, moon, lightning and thunder.

They feared nature because they were unnatural and for 2000 years the caves were both their home and prison. Eu means hillside and r-o-p-e means the rope of people power that bound them in. When we let them out they began to travel and see great civilizations of Black people that were beyond their comprehension. They couldn’t build what they saw we had themselves, so they chose instead a different plan. They became the barbaric hordes looking to kill and conquer Black and brown people for our land and resources. The goal was to then lay false claim and take credit for the great civilizations we had built they lie and called their own.

They decided to take what they couldn’t make but it was not so easy for them. We got down for our crowns and were no pushovers when it came to protecting our kingdoms from these invaders. When brute force did not work whites began using trade. They began trying to act and do like the original man until they were embedded deep enough into our kingdoms to stage a coup from the inside out. This form of trick knowledge once forgotten had been reinforced by their study under Muslims from 35-50 years. They learned how to make trouble amongst the original people causing them to fight and kill one another. Then they would swoop into the midst of that divided people and conquer them. These are tactics of war used to misdirect our people energy away from the power found in their unity. Tribalism became dangerous disunity that divided our people. The me of a tribe became more important than the we of the unification of Black people on our home continent.

Now the paradigm shift occurs and Black division leads to the white hordes unification into their first uncivilized nation state. With the establishment of Greece whites established a power base from which they could operate from. While they all practiced Anti-Melanism which is the “legally” sanctioned murder and hatred of all shades of Black people the formation of white Supremacy arose in their midst. They robbed, stole land resources and one of their tribes committed identity theft while learning from Black civilizations greatest scientist scholars and builders.

The ability of whites to collectively hate us didn’t stop them from hating and fighting with one another either. While they all agreed to keep Black people underfoot they continued to fight each other for white supremacy. We discovered which amongst them consistently won the battle for power and authority by the ones who documented their history. Hellenic Greece the first uncivilized nation state for whites was the establishment of Hell on Earth. This is proved by the fact that Greece’s people worshipped Hades which is the Greek name for the devil. They established four power tools to rule over Hell and they are Democracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy and Tyranny. All over the planet to this day Black and Brown people are controlled by whites using these four models of power. So in a very short time in this build we got from the past to the present. We have to know how we got here to understand where we are at now.

So here we are in 2022 a Black people living under the thumb of a most wicked American white man and people. They rule over us politically as a Democracy that constitutionally declared us to be 3/5th s of a human who can now vote for his oppressor. Militarily they rule over us as beasts of burden wage slaves to the shadow government of true control which is an Oligarchy. That means there is a small group of white families whose wealth and influence rule the white world we are trapped in.

How do we write our Nation back into history in the middle of those oppressive forces seeking to erase us from history is the question? They say history is written by the conquerors but we all have pens and computers right? Our rise from the mentally dead slave to the true and living God is the greatest story never told until we lived it. White history’s clock says it 2022 but in the Black world it is 15,108th year of the 23rd Quran. We cannot be erased because we are the irreplaceable key to all life on this planet. No matter how big the white lie is the Black Truth is older, bigger, stronger and undeniable. So Allah God had to come into hell to save his chosen people who didn’t deserve to spend an eternity in it. In his own time he had to first become a life giver and in Korea Allah learned how to be a life taker. He was trained to be a killer by the United States of America and drafted into its army. Instead of being called a killer when you take life for the government you are called a soldier. Thou shalt not kill is contradicted by the devil whose command structure says thou shalt kill for me. So Allah clearly saw the evil that men do and was not afraid to be the epitome of courage and valor. He fought for those people but his greatest fight was when he came home to fight for his own people.

On the cipher of 1960 he began his basic training in Blackness and was introduced to Black consciousness through the teaching of the NOI. However consciousness comes in stages and Allah was the one born to become the embodiment of God consciousness. Just like how everyone goes through basic training but only a chosen few get to become Generals in the army. So It was in the Temples everyone was trained to become Muslims but Allah’s training took him beyond the basics of a Muslim to the doorway of the Divine. When Allah got the knowledge he learned the Original Blackman is God and self identified. He internalized the knowledge degree and so he and his self styled wisdom could not remain within the brick and mortar of the temples. It was basic training ground for Muslims and Allah knew he was not a Muslim. He had to leave in order that his will be done on this Earth as it was building to be done in the heavens of his mind.

When Allah left the temple he born himself alive as the true and living God in the flesh of his being. For his greatest reality to grow outside of himself he put knowledge before wisdom which corrected the polarity and put the Blackman back in first place where he belongs. He understood that the wisdom knowledge of the white man’s governmental structures was the trick that put the Blackman in bondage. He knew that only the proper knowledge and wisdom of the true and living God could save Black people from mental enslavement to them. They planned against him but Allah planned the best and we this beautiful Nation are proof that this is fact.

Allah taught us how to train our minds and gave us the tools to facilitate our mental liberation. Supreme Mathematics and Alphabets connected us to an Original language using the English dialect that put knowledge in our words of wisdom. He gave us 120 lessons and trained us first to recognize that the Blackman is God and we became the Five Percent on the rise. He gave us righteous names, language and land and when we were 3 years old sons we became A alike our Father Almighty God Allah. We were out of basic training and found ourselves at the doorway to the Divine because of Allah’s good orderly direction. ……well some of us did. Those who did, do and today are the builders who build with builders to destroy the deceivers. Regardless to whom or what we don’t take anybody on face value and peace cannot be used as a password. We pay attention to the tactics used against our Father to divert him from his primary purpose which was to save us. He told us about them and we realized that the love he had for us was greater than the trader’s promise of more gold to and for him. When we were 5 they came for our Fathers flesh and though he lives forever in mind his body was taken on June 13th 1969. Allah is the God always has been always will be! Our beautiful Nation was born when Allah’s divine equality constructively elevated minds Blackmen embracing righteousness were rewarded with God consciousness and the unification of our people.

In 1967 Allah looked at the useful land that was Harlem NYC and requested a brick and mortar structure that he could use to further educate his young Nation. Mayor Lindsey’s administration recognized Allah as a community organizer who proved he was not a poverty pimp. It was agreed that Allah would be given the building located at 2122 7th Ave to meet the needs of the youth he was teaching the knowledge of self. Fast forward 55 years and see that we have grown from an address to a half a city block of prime NYC real estate. On it sits Allah School In Mecca (ASIM) our crown jewel and immovable object. How many of you know who to thank for that growth and development? How many of you know the real history of how we made it and own it? Is that history being recorded so 100 years from now our future generations can learn the truth about us from us? We have made the commitment to be responsible care takers of ASIM.

As we walked out of 21 into 22 we saw our address. When Allah’s 94th came around some of us for the first time saw more than just a still picture of Allah. We not only saw him on film we heard him speak and watched him think if you really paid attention. A 1:20 clip of Allah was discovered by Victorious and Original Thought and was shared by Allah B on social media. For one minute and twenty seconds we saw Gabe Pressman try to pull Allah in an oppositional direction but Allah’s push back froze Pressman where he sat. Everything about 2022 spoke to our truth and victory and so in the fourth month the SOS for ASIM was sounded. We had come together about our Universal flag using Zoom and so it was again the medium used for the SOS. Zoom eliminates the barriers of time and space and allows us to come together as one regardless of the many areas we might be in at any given time. Seeking only to insure the future of ASIM the Zooms were open to everyone in the Nation. That meant even those in opposition to saving ASIM right now took advantage of the opportunity to come on and shoot down our most righteous plan and project. Still we pushed forward with those who said yes to the build and progress was definitely made almost right away. We understood that to Save Our School we would have to fund and pay for all work on our own. We knew it would be expensive because instead of the band aids approach we set out to do major surgery.

When it came to the money our philosophy was to tell our people to hold their money until it was time to pay the service provider. Using the keep the money and the work separated mentality, meant since we do the work we do not touch the money. On the 4/19 Zoom we received pledges in the sum of $16,000. Once we had the pledges it made sense to set up a system of money transfer. We set up Cash App and Zell which is a direct deposit to a bank account app that we now use as well. We discovered that ASIM is a 121 year old building and like anything that’s old was in need. It would have been a band aid approach to stop the project the first week after we discovered the leaning wall and had it fixed.

Major surgery is insuring the inner framing and guts of ASIM are revamped and revitalized to last at least another 120 years. We learned about first steps and how they take time. We set up the ASIM BUILDERS BUILD FUND account with Chase Manhattan Bank so we could make payments to our service providers. We finally locked in with a structural engineer and made our first payment to them on July 15th 2022. They presented us with a Structural Investigation Report that detailed the strength and weakness of ASIM. On 9/2/222 we contacted Desimone because too much time had passed with no communication. When they shared that information about the school being demolished within the next five years we corrected them immediately. On 9/19/22 we had a Zoom and where we asked Beloved where did the company get the demolish information form. All information was shared with the Nation. This was our last Zoom.

What happened between that date and today is this. Desimone said that since we are keeping the school we had to have a Building survey done and that’s what we did. We hired a company called MEASURE UP to do it and paid them $2000. Where we are at exactly today is our structural engineer Desimone is requesting more scans from Measure Up and we are working to get this done. When the survey is completed the floor plans can be drawn by our Structural engineers. This will allow us to qualify for the city permits and produce the scope of work for our construction company. We want everyone to know we operate as a check and balance against the abuse of power. There can be no abuse of the Nations sources of power from anyone regardless to whom or what they are or claim to be. We are about the coming together of our people for common cause’s and economical development. We are winners and will not lose our land, property rights, parliaments, schools or our right to exist free from persecution. No one does it like the Five Percenter Newspaper and through it all we are here to stay and Save Our Schools! Our beautiful Nation was born when Allah’s Divine Equality Constructively Elevated Minds Blackmen Embracing Righteousness were rewarded with God consciousness and the unification of our people. Until next we build I remain…Your True Brother In The Struggle Born King Allah *7)

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