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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The Fathers equality born realities universally accepted rule yourself or be ruled by others. The manifestation of our Nation born from the mind of God is based on the foundation of righteousness. The moral fiber of the Blackman is based upon his understanding of self in relationship to the universal order of life and created being. When one has been stripped of knowledge of self, land and language the damage manifests itself in both conscious and unconscious ways. When this damage is compounded by time it deepens and hardens with every generation inheriting the damage with no correction. Our people have been subjected to the greatest inhumanity done to man by mankind who profits off of our suffering. They made our suffering a profitable and prosperous economic base for their emerging population of people who would become a United States of America. They had no problem subjecting us to slavery and abject horrors and terror. Why? It is because they are the devil kind of man whose base of foundation is unrighteousness. Allah came to us as our Father to raise up heaven because the devil had already buried us in hell on this Earth. The two are not just concepts of a false mystery God fable but rather the tale of two realities existing on one planet that Allah the true and living God was challenged by. The Blackmans hell is the white mans heaven in real life all over this globe. The institution of global white supremacy means that Black, Brown, and Yellow people must be subjected and relegated to the bottom rung of people, places and things. Go to the visuals shown of countries dominated by Black faces and you will see white face rule. Even in the motherland or cradle of civilization the rule or rulers use Black faces but it is white faces who are the true power brokers. This system of white supremacy is based in death and destruction of Black life to sustain white control over all people on this planet. Death is the rule used by white presidents, kings, prime ministers, dictator’s parliaments, congress and rulers to control the masses of people they subjugate. There are different manifestations of death at play here because people can suffer a physical or mental death in all reality. Everyone is familiar with physical death at the hands of police, governments, doctors, nurses and cremators and even their own people. However most are not familiar with the mental death at the hands of the ministers of religion and false god concepts. No one can come back from a physical death but there is a chance to come back from a mental one. Allah realized that when he resurrected himself after 3 ½ years of study. In 1960 he went into Temple #7 in Harlem NYC and in 1963 he left. Allah arose from a mental death opened his third eye and saw Black people in America were the walking and talking living dead. His moral fiber made him the good God Blackman who after witnessing this refused to leave his people in that mentally dead condition. Allah had a limitation of time to solve a generational problem that had run deep and wide into the psyche of Black people who were also blind, deaf and dumb. Allah realized that the mind, and soul, of Black people had died in response to horrors we experienced even as our bodies continued to function on auto pilot. That fact that we had to die a mental death in order to stay alive physically speaks to the horrific pain we suffered at the hands of a most devilish people. The amount of post traumatic stress passed through the womb to every generation was completely overwhelming. By the 1960’s the post traumatic stress disorder had become Present Traumatic Stress Disorder. Allah accepted the responsibility to bring us back to mental life after death despite the forces working to keep us a dead people walking. He had taken that introspective journey deep into the core of his being and knew that we would have to do the same. However the difference is he would have to be the power of example we could see in order to do what he had already done. Allah had arisen and he wanted for his babies, brothers and sisters what he already achieved for himself. Allah is the God who walked himself into his Divinity and provided the good orderly direction that freed us from a mental death and powerlessness. As Allah became the Father and foundation building to raise us from the dead he saw more than our life he saw his death as well. He discovered that the price for giving us mental life would be his own confrontation with physical death. He knew the ruler ship of white supremacy feared the rise of the Black Messiah more than anything when it came to our people. The death dealing cremators of the political doctor and religious ministers were called when a Blackman with the power to free his people emerged. They feared the loss of people they could suck dry of their life blood and would send killers to maintain population control. So the Fathers equality was the greatest equality because he gave all he had and all within his power which included his physical existence. He gave all this to and for us and those of us who are A alike Allah refuse to allow the Nation his equality born be torn asunder! The Fathers equality born realities universally accepted rule yourself or be ruled by others.

Allah was born physically on Feb 22, 1928 and birth named Clarence Edward Smith by his parents Mary and Louis Smith in Danville VA. Allah grew up in a time of in your face open hatred of Black people in America. Allah grew up in the state where this year we honor our ancestors who 400 years ago in 1619 were bought to Jamestown VA. As physical slavery in the Americas was birthed in Virginia it is no coincidence that Allah who would free the ancestors children from mental slavery was birthed in Virginia as well. There is no doubt that as we look back in hindsight at the trajectory of Allah’s life we could see the sparks of his Divinity as he grew and developed into his manhood. Allah’s family left VA and by the mid 1940’s Allah was living in Harlem New York City. Allah traveled from the south to north inside America while those who feared him thought he would come from outside America from the East to the West. In the late 40’s Allah had his first son and in the early 50’s a second son. Allah’s worldview was shaped by the horrors of an apartheid America and his travels in the military where he fought in the Korean War but also spent time in Japan. This part of his history as a father of 2 sons by 23 showed where some of his wisdom and understanding came from. The birth of his sons who became A Allah and B Allah made him a life giver while being a soldier warrior made him a life taker. Allah knew most intimately both the power of life and death and knew how to balance the scales of justice. Allah became a decorated warrior for America and showed his love for a country that really didn’t love him back. While he was killing for America overseas America was still killing us here at home. From 1952 to 1960 when Allah was honorably discharged Allah physically went from 24 to 32. When Allah began his journey as a warrior his physical degree was wisdom culture or freedom and when it ended he understood the wisdom. This is Allah’s physical degrees mapping out his road to self realization and Divine God hood. Allah’s mathematics was at work because Dora who he married before he went off to war was now a Muslim in Temple #7. It is she who invited Allah to visit the temple and Allah accepted the invitation. The same way Allah excelled in war he excelled in the temple after becoming the 13th Clarence to receive his X. He understood the supreme wisdom of the temple was the rule when he wrote to Chicago to receive his X. He bared witness to the wisdom in the temple and its restrictive laws and as he excelled in memorizing the lessons word for word his was a forward trajectory. His unique skill set acquired in the Korean war made him excel as part of the FOI or Fruit of Islam. This is the name given to the military training of men who belong to Islam in North America. So when you think about it Allah was a soldier in two army’s one white and one Black. Although he had to kill for the white army for the Black army he mostly provided security and training as a member of the FOI. We have to remember that Allah was known to the authorities because he was a serviceman who now stood with Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. One could say he was the real life “spook who sat by the door” who knew the art of killing for whites and was now teaching and training Blacks self defense. The Black Muslims as they were known at that time had come under the scrutiny of Americas interior army defense forces. They were led by J Edgar Hoover FBI Counter Intelligence program that illegally started in 1956 and supposedly ended in 1971. They had to counter the rising intelligence of a half woke people who knew they wanted freedom but didn’t as of yet have the keys to achieving it. The Program was started to make sure they never found the key only locks they were unable to break open. Malcolm was exposing the whiteman as the devil that lives and breathes and the government wanted to neutralize him and that message. Malcolm was in Temple #7 before Allah was and we’re sure Temple #7 was infiltrated and being watched like a hawk. Allah had traveled all over the country as FOI security and by 1963 and a half left the temple. There is a difference in opinion as to the exact reason why Allah left so now we will present ours for you to accept or reject. The Temple Allah our Father entered into taught him that that Allah was Fard and that the Elijah Muhammad was Fard’s Messenger. The proof is in the letter signed by all believers who received the X. The letter reads and must be written as follows.

Mr. W.F. Muhammad

4847 So. Woodlawn Ave

Chicago Illinois 60015.

Dear Savior Allah, Our Deliverer.

I have been attending the teachings of Islam by one of your Ministers, two or three times. I believe in It and I bear witness that there is no God but Thee, and that Muhammad is Thy Servant and Apostle. I desire to reclaim my Own. Please give me my Original Name. My name is as follows



City and State

All Temple dwellers had to become believers and deny any God but Fard. After submitting the letter receiving his X and being in the temple for 3½ years Allah intuitively knew he had to leave. Although he respected the work of his prophet and messenger he accepted the work he had to do outside of the restrictive laws that governed the temple. Allah was on his way to securing the key to the seventh seal. He knew he had to reveal it to the world outside of the brick and mortar of the temple he had once been apart of. Leaving was the next step into Allah becoming the God the prophet prophesized and the Messenger was supposed to trumpet. The Fathers equality born realities universally accepted rule yourself or be ruled by others.

Allah’s access to the Supreme Wisdom of the Temple enhanced his ability to master the wisdom of the world but that was not his end goal. The real goal was to elevate God Knowledge over the wisdom of the world which only he was uniquely gifted to do. The lessons he learned in the temple were instructional in that he applied them to his life and practical as tools most beneficial to raising a mentally dead population. The temple did not give him all that he needed to get the job done though. It incorrectly taught him wisdom over knowledge which is backwards thinking that puts belief over knowledge. The temple told Allah to believe in an Islam in which there is no God but “thee Fard”. Allah bared witness that was right until he knew their belief though right for them was wrong for him. Allah rightly reversed the disorder putting knowledge over wisdom producing an understanding of God not being taught anywhere else. Allah created I self lord and Master a non religious Islam in which the Blackman is God when he knows it not because he believes it. Allah knew that he had to raise the kingdom of God out of the ashes of the ghettos of hell we were trapped in. Allah knew hell is real because he grew up in it as we all did before he changed our condition. The white world was asking Black people to believe in something other than themselves for centuries while ruling over us with an iron fist. Christians tell us to believe that a mysterious white “God” will fall out the sky one day and save us. For centuries poor Black people have been taught and died with no relief believing that. Tell us why does the devil teach that? Because he desires to make slaves out of all he can so that he can rob them and live in luxury. All the Abrahamic religions teach Black people who exist in real hell on Earth to believe we’ll live in fake heaven in the sky after we die. A believer is then given a set of rules that govern their lives complete with punishments for disobeying anyone of them. So belief in anything unseen or other than yourself is the first step in you being ruled by others. Let us not forget this unquestionable fact of life. The Temple was no different in regard to its ruler ship over its Muslims, case in point. The letter to become a Muslim believer is a form of a contract that bound the believer to the rules and regulations of Temple wisdom. So in some sense it was no different from religion except who the Muslim was now obligated to believe in. The power of Allah was seen in his ability to use the knowledge of himself to reject the belief of others by any name. While the masses were being herded to the left Allah went to the right by himself. We know Allah respected the Temple founders Fard and Elijah he himself said so. However what is most glaringly obvious is when he no longer believed them he left their Temple. Allah went into the wilderness so he could discover and explore the real knowledge of himself. Allah was a freeman who chose not to be ruled by the founders of the Temple leadership and belief system. It was his right to leave because he had to know God not just believe that Fard was “thee God”. This is why Temple dwellers are wrong for referring to Allah as Clarence 13X and they need to stop hating on our Father. They seek to deny his Divinity and at the same time try to credit themselves for Allah’s God Consciousness. The only way for Allah to find God was to go inside himself not outside himself in temples, churches and mosques all over the planet, he had already done that. He had to take that introspective journey into the depths of himself and there he found God inside the body of his own Arm Leg Leg Arm Head. Once he did that he could no longer bear witness that Fard was “Savior Allah” as the Muslim letter for the X asked him to believe. Allah was now the eyewitness to his own reality as God of the universe! He had to leave the X and Clarence behind in the temple of the believers he was no longer a believer in. Allah unlocked the X understood the why and was the first to z and see the understanding of X is “u now know now.” When he solved the problem of x, y and z he became the Father and Founder of Supreme Knowledge over wisdom and walked himself into his Divinity. He corrected the natural polarity of the universe by putting knowledge back in first place restoring natural law and order. He discovered his original name is and will always be Allah! The Temple raised Black awareness to the degree the Blackman went from a deaf, dumb and blind Christian to his own self is a righteous Muslim. Inside the temple the Blackman is God was ignored because they believed the half original man Fard was god. The knowledge degree is Who is the Original man? The original man is the Asiatic Blackman the maker the owner the cream of the planet earth the Father of civilization and God of the universe. The temple dwellers quoted it but actually believed otherwise. Allah quoted it then made that lesson walk and talk in the flesh of his very being. Allah made it all the way back to his ancestral roots and became one with that Original Blackman God reality. No one anywhere can take credit for that but all must give all praises due to Allah for making that knowledge born for real. Allah was concerned that the Blackman is God was the secret that needed to be told to Black people outside of the temple gates. The beast of many names was not happy about what was taking place inside the temple gates. The beast was even less happy when those messages began spilling out into the public square. Minister Malcolm X taught Harlem the wisdom degree by pointing out the white mans devilish actions and activities in our neighborhoods. The wisdom degree is who is the Colored man? The colored man is the Caucasian man white man Yacubs grafted devil of the planet Earth. He was made to be the opposition to God and is the living devil in the flesh of his being. He was given a diabolically intelligent trick knowledge belief system 6000 years ago which gives and enforces rules all over the known world still to this day. This is the real life wisdom degree ruling over the real life knowledge degree of the Student Enrollment 1-10. So wisdom over knowledge equals the white man ruling over the Blackman which makes wisdom knowledge the core of white supremacy. This reality signifies the reverse negative polarity that distorted the natural order of our living planet Earth birthed to be the home of the Gods. The fact that the Temple was ruled by Supreme wisdom over knowledge is just more proof that the God prophesized to come had not yet arrived. When the messenger commanded his Muslims to worship the prophet as God he literally put his wisdom over the knowledge degree of the 1-10. Fard had instructed Elijah to raise Muslims who submit to the will and become the helpers of Allah. Not a mystery Allah spoken about in ancient books of antiquity but Allah who would appear from amongst the Black people of today. They were to prepare people for the coming of God who would triumph over the devil the people already knew about it. However as it turns out the Muslims themselves were ill prepared for the coming of God because they denied him when he revealed himself in the flesh of his being. Here we are 400 years after our ancestors suffered knowing only the white face of the devil, and when Allah comes to reveal the Black face of God his own people reject him. This is what makes the reality of Allah and his life truly profound. He is both a individual in the collective of mighty Black people made slaves here in America. While at the same time he is the fulfillment of the prophecy to free that very same people he is a part of. Allah came so that God could be both seen and heard. As a people we simply did not know who and what is God. All that changed in 1964 widely accepted as the year a baby Nation was born in the heart of Harlem NYC. It was imperative that Allah showed and proved to the Allah deniers and government doctors, ministers, nurses, and cremators that the Blackman is God. We were the Black baby watching him do it who accepted his knowledge of God as the knowledge of ourselves. We accepted the Black face of God and identified with him as a Father, Brother, teacher, and guide. We are the chosen few who accepted him and because we did we became the 5% who know who the true and living God is. Allah gave us good orderly direction about how to prepare our bodies to change as our mindset did the same. In order to receive the power of Gods truth refinement of the body meant cleanliness and eating the right foods was the only way to godliness. Those of us who listened received two set of keys, Allah’s Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets that became the food that fed our thoughts. This is the knowledge from God that empowered us to think and speak the language of God. Allah then defined his sons using the knowledge degree of the 1-10. This knowledge connected us back to who is the original man and let us know that’s our origin in this world. The rest of the family was defined by the 3rd degree of the 1-10. What is the population of the Original people in the wilderness of North America and all over the plant Earth? We became rooted in the natural order of life and became the Five Percent poor righteous teachers of Allah the Black God’s truth. In 1965 we watched the devil order the prison whale called Mattawan to swallow Allah alive only to spit him out on dry land after 22 month in its belly. It is now 1967 and we are experiencing rapid change because Allah came home and provided mental growth to compliment our physical growth. We were a baby Nation making babies and Allah changed our names and let us know the Father and Son are one and the same. He let us know we were more than just a Five Percenter who knows who and what is God. We are actually his A alike self Black God of the universe and our woman is the Earth that gives birth. This was the Equality of God sharing the power over the sun, moon and stars with his sons and dominion over the Earth with his daughters. This is the time that Allah walked us into our Divinity! Again we watched Allah deal with devils some whom he called Honorary Five Percent. In 1967 Allah received a building with the address of 2122 7th Ave from then Mayor John Lindsay. Allah wanted us to have a school and because he was true and living one was provided for us with no money down. This address became the Allah School and though by now we were deep in Medina, Pelan and the Desert we now had a National Headquarters in Mecca. It seems everything they gave him Allah just gave it to us because he seemed to want nothing more than to teach us how to be God and Earth. Allah’s word was bond and he could not be bought, bribed, broken or scared out of his responsibility to us. We love him for that and think back to the times when he started preparing us for life without his physical presence. In his preparing us he gave those who were present his last will and testament from his mouth to their ear. He told us in 1968 after this year you will be the Nation of Gods and Earth and the Five percent will be your women and Babies. We see now that only those with understanding can see what he was saying. We were his five Percent before he borne us into the Gods and Earths we are today. Our women and our babies are our Five Percent until they go through the same mathematical process with us as we did with Allah our Father. Allah was the realest and a realist who knew the last supper scenario was in play. We don’t know if he knew who the Judas was who would cross him. He just made sure when the time came that he traveled by himself so he alone would stare death in the face. There is no greater love then the love of the Blackman God Allah who laid down his life so we could live. The Fathers equality born realities universally accepted rule yourself or be ruled by others.

It is 2019 and 51 years have passed since that fateful day of June 13, 1969 when Allah was assassinated in Foster projects in Harlem NYC. Our Nation has grown to international proportions and has a generation of writers, doctors lawyers, policemen, fireman, accountants, architects media people etc. within it. We exist on most levels of society and people activity and are harnessing our people power to make a positive difference. We have created institutions designed to fight for the least amongst us and to insure we can be God and Earth regardless to geography. We have learned how to speak for and define ourselves in the public square and refuse to be defined by others. We are freedom fighters who continue to show and prove the legitimacy of our Divine God Centered Culture. The people see us freeing our Nation from the negative stereotypical labels put on us by those who hated our Father and now hate us too. We enter boldly into supreme courts all over this country asserting our inalienable right to our non religious reality of the Blackman God. We have turned an address into a half a block of prime NYC real estate adding on to the foundation Allah left for us. Allah School in Mecca is our foundation jewel and we continue to make it shine but now we must do more. We have to BUILD A BUILDING because BUILDERS BUILD! We can talk about it from Jan till May but at the Show and Prove we’re going to have to be about it. Last month we spoke about prefabricated building that could meet our Nations needs. We asked for feedback from the readership who build, design, flip or manage building for input. We want feedback from money managers for obvious reasons. We want feedback because now is the time to develop our land. We watch churches form a building fund and create mega churches. We watch Mexicans using their own labor force build a house in a month. We can do anything we want to if we have trust to work together and get it done. This year’s show and prove should have some talent that attracts the youth. Let’s bring the voice of the youth from Philly, Raz Fresco from Canada to compliment the talent we usually ask to perform. Let’s really show and prove Allah still in us by getting our numbers up. These low tide Parliaments and Show and Proves can be stopped when those who are the piece with magnetic attract a new generation of babies. Remember the babies are the greatest because they represent tomorrow and that’s the future. It’s cool that we are great today it’s our present and our big brothers were the greatest yesterday and that’s our past. The key is for all of us to come together as one right now to get this job done. BUILD A BUILDING! Let’s add on to Allah School property development money in real time. Idea; lets use cash app on S&P weekend and everybody inside, outside and all over the country cash app at least 0ne dollar! Salute Black History month that must start including the history of our trailblazing warrior Father Almighty God Allah who built a Nation of Gods and Earths out of the 5% who knowledge build to rule themselves. We honor June 13th because although they came for the flesh of his being Allah still lives in all of us who are A alike our Father and every year on this date we show and prove that fact. The Fathers Equality Born Realities Universally Accepted Rule Yourself or be ruled by others. Until next we build I remain…Your True Brother In The Struggle Born King Allah *7)

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