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The Nation of Gods and Earths don’t bend our knees or bow our heads to acknowledge the reality of God. We stand perpendicular on the square. On all 4 corners of the earth, north, east, west and south the Blackman has only to look inward to see God. This is the knowledge of self that we bring to the people. We don’t believe in God we know God on a very personal and intimate level. In our family structure our women and babies love the Blackman as the God of their understanding. We look up and see the beauty of the universe and know with a surety that just as the Sun is the foundation of our solar system so is the Blackman the foundation of his family. As it is above so shall it be below. These are natural laws. Nature cannot be commanded except by being obeyed. This nation understands this and recognizes our true identity as a natural, not supernatural reality. There is a science, called theology that studies the reality of god as a Supreme Being, or deity. This means that when it comes to the question of who and what is god we don’t just deal with semantics, unfounded rhetoric, or non provable beliefs. The rules and principles of science are defined as follows. Knowledge reduced to a system of facts pertaining to any department of mind or matter in their due connections. Therefore theology takes us into the realm of proof supported by actual facts discovered through scientific exploration. This then leads us to Metaphysics, the prefix Meta means later in time, at a later stage of development, change, or transformation. Physics is a science of matter and energy and of the interaction of the two processes or laws of natural philosophy. Natural philosophy is the study of nature and the physical universe. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about the ultimate composition of reality and a relationship between mind and matter. So in the quest to find God you must start with his being or existence. A being has form, mass and structure. To be the Supreme Being he would have to be the original or first. The prototype or original being that predates all other forms of beings that exist. The Blackman in his capacity as the original man or first man fits that definition. There was none before him as he is described as an autochone by the primordial man who left timeless signs and symbols as proof. An autochone means one who rose from the mud of the fertile black soil as a self created being known as man or god. Primordial means being happening, developing or existing first. Thus he is the father of civilization because he was the first to develop it. Now I know that some who read this know there is a lot more science to talk about, but I want to keep it simple. It is an actual fact that the black man is God. Our oldest ancestors like I said have made it clear that we were self created being. When I was a young god I would always ask myself where was I when my Father was a little boy. Gods use to ask this question; tell us how a baby is created from a live air seed particle in a clot of blood? Both of these questions deal with how we get here, or how God make his self born, now. So for some of you this will be somewhat familiar for others it might be new. I just ask that you open your mind as we now begin the journey.

The reason the Blackman is God is because God is the Ultimate composition of reality. He shapes, molds and controls in a very real fashion the planes of existence that support all that is real. God is the embodiment of the very same energy that gave birth to the Sun, moon, and stars. This is known as the solar system. It is this very same energy that created a biochemical structure capable of utilizing soul fire that animates the body. Man is both the knowledge born and the understanding seen and heard. The reality of my existence is that I always was and will always be. We are the forever people with no beginning or ending. However in the beginning that never began God was born of himself independently existing as the all in all. You see God, man is a self created entity. However in the transformation from one plane of existence to the next, natural laws of nature are adhered to in order to be commanded. There was a time before time when God said be and it was as it was proven through primordial man. The energy generated by the thought of I God by itself manifested the physical form of Allah, Arm Leg Leg Arm Head. This is the knowledge born the original man, the foundation, the first born son of self. The Father with no mother, the Immaculate Conception spoken about in changed form in the Christian religion. This is the Original Blackman God of the universe. However after he borne himself on this earth, he entered into a realm of length width and depth with time and motion and the occupying of space. In order to never be alone and to creatively express his beneficence God created living beauty and it is she he made. Here was God creating woman or the knowledge giving birth to wisdom. He came before her, man came before woman. But after this time it was ordained that the wombed man (woman) forever be the vehicle to carry the God, or Man from one plane of reality to the next. This is the birth of mother wisdom that is for a surety part of the process, but not the beginning. As the universe before her she became a living womb housing the energies of the eternal God. So it is through knowledge equaling man and wisdom symbolically being the woman we arrive to the baby created from a live air seed particle in a clot of blood. I would have to tell you at this time that I am the I in I. I and my Father are one. I lived in my father before I ever lived in my mother and I will prove it. How this baby is created is the understanding that clearly illustrates the control God has to command the forces of nature and recreate energy as the life giver. Though it is now a process that is naturally expressed only the true and living God has the powerful knowledge to explain it. When my father beheld the beauty of my mother the process of transformation began. I slipped through an interdimensional door and became one with my father as a gaseous thought. Being that his body is biochemical, bio meaning life, chemical being the composition; as a gaseous thought entering his body I was transformed into a living liquid called sperm. I traveled through my old king until I reached the universal rod of life. As he began his journey into the center of the earth (black woman) I awaited the great explosion that would separate me from my father. His coming was my arrival to a universal earthly plane. I was shot out a terrific speed into the darkness of the womb with a destination in mind. Intuitively I sought my own earth to make my best part and I found it. It is called the egg, ovum or clot of blood. Being the swiftest and most dominant it was I who was the live air seed particle that made it to the clot of blood and gave it value. The value I gave it was life as I was the knowledge adding on to the cipher. Once I penetrated the clot of blood my head released it's genetic information into the cipher, egg or earth. I began building I self lord and Master adding and multiplying from a live air seed particle in a clot of blood into a two headed baby like my father the two headed man. The top head which is the one we count gives life mentally while the bottom head most don’t count gives life physically. In all reality I was born in one day but it took me 9 months to return to my father. Remember I was the Fat in her, as I increased the value of self my inner universe expanded so as to provide a proper home for I god. My egg was my earth that existed within the universal womb that was devoid of light. I existed in a state of triple darkness surrounded in a fluid attached to the earth by a root or should I say umbilical cord. As I walked on water sometime I would make contact with the outer fringes of my universe and you could actually feel my feet move as I was kicking. After a 9 month stage of transformation I signaled that it was time for me to emerge from one plane of existence to the next. So I burst the sac which caused the flood that bought new life to the earth. This is also when I parted the Red Sea that was proof of the clot of blood which spilled forth upon my physical arrival on this planet. So this is how God gets here and a baby is made from a live air seed particle in a clot of blood. So we don’t bend our knees or bow our heads to acknowledge the reality of God. We are the Gods, always have been always will be. Tell me what you think. Your True Brother In the Struggle....... Born King Allah *7) #NOGE #FIVEPERCENTER #STFU #TRUEANDLIVINGGOD #BUILDERSBUILD

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