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2023 is the year of the seeds which means the reuniting of the original people of this planet. Seed science is the language first used by the 5% Nation Of Gods and Earths here in the wilderness of North America.

As the aboriginals kidnapped from our homeland 400 years ago we had to reunite because of the deliberate separation white slave makers used here. They tore us apart Man from woman, woman from children, fathers from mothers and fathers from children.

They did so with the purpose of turning us against one another and to create distrust and animosity amongst as a people. They were successful and my how Black people have suffered. They didn't just separate by genders. They separated us according to how much or how little melanin we had or didn't have. Since the white world practice's anti-melanism they favored Blacks who had the least amount. They in turn hated Blacks who had the most melanin.

As a much suffering people we picked up on the whites favoring of the light skin and the hate for the dark skin. We picked up on both emotions. So much so that we started to internalize both the love and the hate amongst each other.

The light skinned thought they were better than the dark skin and the dark skin thought they were lesser than the light skin. Today amongst Black people we call that Colorism. it was just one of the methods of conquer and divide used by evil whites.

The 5% Nation of Gods and Earths were taught by Allah who came to us in the flesh of his being that we had to unite the Black, Brown and Yellow seeds of Black people. That way we could bridge the divide and come together as one. That is the uniting of the seeds we have been practicing for the past 59 years internally here in America.

In 2023 we see the expansion of unity to include our connection as Black people to our home continent. To reunite with the seeds of our ancestral homeland is absolutely possible now. The President of Ghana is not making shocking comments he is offering us the opportunity to visit our motherland and to make it our home. We been ready to reunite the seeds and now our people in Ghana are ready as well!

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