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Our History

Allah the Father

"We speak for and define ourselves. Controlling our narrative with our Nation View  News!"

THE FIVE PERCENTER NEWSPAPER righteously named the POWER PAPER by our readership marks our 25th year in print by Planting our Nations Flag online and claiming our air rights to our cyber real estate. FIVE PERCENTER NEWSPAPER.COM  will complement our the Hard copy print version of our print Newspaper. The Five Percenter Newspaper will continue serving the Nation of Gods and Earths in our Free Press capacity. We both remain dedicated to our primary S.O.S goal which is to SAVE OUR SCHOOL!  In real time we will preserve our Nation's history, legacy, and greatness through the words of Gods and Earths whose truth is blazed upon our pages. 


Nobody Does It Like THE FIVE PERCENTER!!!

THE FIVE PERCENTER NEWSPAPER (FPN) was formed to be a written vehicle of communication for our growing Nation. When Allah told us he was God 56 years ago we walked off the paper and became the Five Percent in the flesh of our being.  This is why our National Newspaper carries that name today because being a Five Percenter is how we learned Allah is the true and living God yesterday.  When Allah taught his sons we are the Black man God his Five Percenters became the Black man God and  Black woman Earth.  Now as the Nation of Gods and Earths we walked the name FIVE PERCENTER back onto the paper giving one of our most beloved first names the value and voice it most certainly deserves.  Every month for 25 years our hard copy version of the FPN has brought the reality of the Black man God to the world.  We have always been the Original Indigenous Nation of this planet. Once Allah gave us back the knowledge of self we had to become responsible for our future growth and development. This Newspaper is proof of that growth.  Our development of this FIVEPERCENTERNEWS.COM allows us to now use cyber space to deliver knowledge of self to all the human families of the planet Earth.  We are formerly planting our Nations Foundational Flag in cyber space as makers, owners, teachers and educators of Allah's truth and good orderly direction.  Our universal reach, collective consciousness and economics will only help to insure Allah School In Mecca remains the crown jewel of our Nation, as we continue to protect it from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Now in 2020, FIVEPERCENTERNEWS.COM has expanded the who, what, when, where, why, and how those of us making Allah World Manifest can be seen and heard by the rest of the world!  Until Next We Build I Remain .....Your True Brother In the Struggle   Born King Allah *7)


The objective and mission of THE FIVE PERCENTER NEWSPAPER is to ensure the views of the Nation of Gods and Earths are available to people all over the planet Earth whether they be from the North, East, West, or South! 


Peace and Welcome to our Premier Edition!


FPN Editor Staff

Born King
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Earth Umi Sudan L.A.W. (Black Page)

Owner |Print & Web Editor-in-Chief | FPN Writer | Author| Cofounder & Administrator of  NOCA 

The Earths Cipher Editor | Website Management | Digital Content Curator | Writer 



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