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The Fathers Equality borned a victorious Divine Culture, that gave the True and living Five Percenters freedom to build a Nation of Gods and Earths. It is no mystery that before Allah brought us relief we were slaves to a mental death caused by religious based white supremacy. Allah saw we were dead people walking and talking and so resurrecting his chosen people became his prime objective. We were not physically dead only mentally dead which means we could recover from it. Allah had to become the Doctor who would ad- Minister the proper food for thought to Nurse his people back to health. However, Allah first had to be the Cremator to kill the religion responsible for the chains that enslaved our brains. This is the wisdom build degree from Allah’s perspective, his first rules and revelations including all laws enforced while resurrecting the Gods. Allah was physically birthed on this plane of existence on February 22, 1928 to parents Mary and Louis Smith in Danville Va. He was an exceptional man-child who first showed his willingness to risk his life for family at an early age. As all great men before him his life’s journey prepared him for his greatest accomplishments. We know that he was a brave, strong and determined man, brother and Father. He was a realist who knew upon discovering the reality of God within himself that he had to give it away. What we mean by that is he was not selfish, or stingy with the truth. He knew his job was to freely give the knowledge of God to Black people who needed it most. He was truly wise to construct mathematical safeguards against egotistical misuse of that knowledge. He came up in a world filled with Black Death, trick knowledge and lies. He left a temple ruled by wisdom knowledge and went into the wilderness to teach knowledge before wisdom which is right and exact. His correcting of the polarity put knowledge back in first place to be followed by wisdom. In doing so he actually created a knowledge based system of God consciousness and realization. The world outside of the one he was creating operated off of a belief system. The wicked world of white supremacy was ruled by the two over the one. That made any place where “who is the colored man” white man ruled over “who is the original man” Blackman, the worst part of planet Earth. The world of temple Muslims was ruled by Supreme wisdom over knowledge and operated in a negative polarity that was the poor part of planet Earth. The devil's trick and the Muslims error both affected the total population of the planet earth in the time when Allah borned himself through the mind. Allah’s reversal of the negative polarity restored correct order, once again allowing the Black God of the Universe to be seen and heard on planet Earth. The order manifested restoration of the natural law of 1 followed by 2 producing 3 allowing us to finally see the best part of planet Earth. As a result of Allah Gods positive polarity correction a necessary realignment was beginning to take form. Gods return meant the beginning of original man ruler ship and the expiration of the colored man’s devilish uncivilized nations. The cornerstone of Gods kingdom on earth became a reality when God birthed the builders who would build it. The builders are the Blackman, Woman and Child, who use Supreme Mathematics and Alphabet as tools. The Fathers Equality borned a victorious Divine Culture, that gave the True and Living freedom to build a Nation of Gods and Earths. 2/22/22 IS THE MATHEMATICS OF OUR DAY IN WHICH WE RECOGNIZE THE 94TH YEAR OF OUR FATHERS PHYSICAL. ALLAH BORNED OUR DIVINE CULTURE SO TO OUR NATION BE THE VICTORY AS WE ARE THE GODS WHO ARE BORN VICTORIOUS! HAPPY FATHERS PHYSICAL GODS AND EARTHS!

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