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First and foremost this book is dedicated to my first-born son God Free Jamel Allah whose life changed me in ways far too deep to adequately put into words. I will always love and miss you and though your return to the essence showed me what true pain and suffering is you will live forever in my heart and mind. To all my other children Daddy loves you and all I have ever wanted to do was to Father you and keep you safe. I raise you with a God Centered Culture to keep you free from the mental and physical poison of the destructive counter culture of this country. America seeks to mystify God while I teach the reality of God taught by Allah the Father of Supreme Knowledge. This book is dedicated to Almighty God Allah who walked amongst us in the Flesh of his being, Peace to the God. It is because of Allah that I have Knowledge of Self and am able to live embodying the reality of God. Allah’s Mathematics were the guiding principles enriching my young life when I was a young man, going through trials and tribulations. Mathematics added positive value as I was trapped in a world that was clearly anti Black man, woman and child. The Nation Allah built and born from his mind has been and still is the driving force for me until this day. To all the First 9 born of Almighty God Allah I salute you all. This Book is dedicated to you. Allah created a Nation from Babies and I was a baby when I got the knowledge of myself. To all my big brothers in God who never ran and never will I say thank you. This Book is dedicated to you. It is because you stayed and taught Allah’s truth that I got the knowledge and internalized it. When we were young Gods growing up together in the Desert the knowledge of self was the word and love was the message. We did everything together and in the pursuit of memorizing our Book of Life, we were intelligently competitive. It meant something to us that we were coming together every day for the common cause of liberating other young Black minds. The Black man is God reverberated like a hit record that everyone listened to over and over. This book is dedicated to that golden era. The Gods who walked with Allah in the 60’s came into the 70’s so fruitful in multiplying that my generation is a foundation stone of this Nation. We took over the Black community of NYC with our God Centered social consciousness. We were the young manifesting change and really making a difference in how the Black community looked at God and itself. Allah had given us the proper education to be lords of all the worlds. We most definitely were screaming I self Lord and Master everywhere we went. We were universal and traveled the land from Mecca to Medina from Pelan to the Desert. Builders build and we knew as young Gods and Earths those amongst us who were excelling with our fathers teachings. We went to parliaments early sat up front and listened. Fire breathing Gods further sparked the gaseous expansion of our brain cells allowing us to see ourselves as the true and living God. Learning 120 lessons in 90 days was easy because I wanted it all and not just a part. I wanted to know everything that was going to give me life after my mental death. I first heard about this knowledge in Sunday school from my main man Birthwick. He said his brother had the knowledge and was teaching him the Blackman is God. However, I was mentally dead and not yet ready to leave the tomb of church. I rejected life to cling to the death of a white blond haired blue-eyed representation of the son of God. It was not until I met Divine Prince Allah and went back and forth with him over a period of time that I chose to remove the tombstone of ignorance from out of my head. Peace to the God Justice Hakim Allah. and the God who taught him Minister Larmen Allah. This Book is dedicated to them. It is because of them that I was introduced to true warriors of Allah. Allah Mathematics from Pelan came to the Desert and was for me a great example of the true and living God. He was both mentally and physically equipped to be the nucleus of the Desert cipher. His intelligence and warrior mentality showed me the importance of being dedicated to study. I will never forget the God. This book is dedicated to him. To the Gods who walked and talked with him, his peers and all my brothers in God, this Book is dedicated to you as well. Black God, Allah Real, Divine Allah, Original Man, Lord Reveal Allah, Gumal Complete, Rasheem Allah, Jamal Messiah Allah, Zyhier Allah, Judgment Allah, Shabay Cold Allah, El Samien Allah, Shamgod Allah, Tubar B. Allah, Wise Islam Allah, Victorious Prince Allah, Born Justice Allah, Shakiem Ameen Allah, Master Arkim Allah, Utorrah Allah, Supreme Mind Allah, C Master Allah, Father Tiheem Allah, Majestic Kindu Allah and Elsun Wise Allah. From the red black and green rock, to the rock on the square our Knowledge turned the Desert into an oasis! We were truly raised to be warrior scientists! Time has brought about a change and that change has necessitated this Book and its title. In our time, all Black families of consciousness knew NYC was the City of the Gods. The gangsters respected us and no Muslims nation from the NOI to the Ansars could dispute our truth. The NOI never called themselves Allah and hated the fact we did but could do nothing about it. Their last name was X or Muhammad. While we were the Five Percent on the rise, they actually rebuked Fard’s and Elijah’s teaching. They became orthodox Muslims under Warith Deen Muhammad after Elijah’s physical return. Today some of them are trying to play as if they are the God we have always been. We are the Five Percent builders Allah built to born a Nation of Gods and Earths into existence. We have done so and now we build with those builders to destroy the deceivers. They big mad that Allah can never die and the lie of the mystery God no longer has a stranglehold on a lot of Black minds because of us. This Book is dedicated to the chosen few of us who remain on the front lines shutting up and shutting down the liars, fakes, frauds, and phony jive pretenders selling wooden nickels. The bottom line Allah taught us for free not for a fee. We were presented with real Gold that some have traded away for paper money. It does not matter if you been here 5 minutes or 50 years. When you start mixing, diluting, and tampering with Allah’s truth you fell a victim and are no longer the same. You’re no longer part of the solution you are clearly part of the problem now. I have had personal relationships with most of the Gods mentioned in our Nation's history. This Book is dedicated to all of them. Black Messiah Allah, First Born Prince Allah, Universal Shaamgaudd Allah, Gykee Mathematics Allah, Sha Sha, Siheem, Eye God Allah Raleak, God Supreme, Allah B, C Allah Now Allah, and my man Powerful Ruler Nation Allah. This Book is dedicated to the God Kalim Allah who allowed me to come on board the Five Percenter Newspaper, as a staff writer and managing editor. I wrote many lessons before I joined the papers staff but Kalim has mentored me in the art of writing and editing and I am forever grateful. To the Gods who allowed me to write my name in the stars of Allah School In Mecca and our National Representative Dumar Wa’de Allah I say Peace. This book is dedicated to you. In closing, this Book is dedicated to my inner circle of today, my main man Shabue B. Allah and Tubar B. Allah. They are my true and living brothers in God and time has proven this to be facts. This Book is dedicated to True Born Allah and all those seeking to distinguish fact from fiction and God's truth from the Devil's lie. This Book Si-Tu-Fu I have authored is written for us by us. We make it clear we speak for and define ourselves. The message to everybody else is SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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